Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The great mindanao roadtrip ahead!

Yay, my VL was just approved! :)

(I was telling a friend just the other day -- while trying to be giddy -- that whether or not my leave will be approved, I'll still go anyways. But don't you agree, planning isn't in full blast when you know you're leaving with so much urgent work to do, and when you know you have the disapproval of your boss!?)

Okay, here's the plan. Simple - Celebrate the fiesta (as we do every year) in Tandag, Visit Lolong in Agusan del Sur, then shop in Davao City. With that, I plotted our destinations:

(click to enlarge)

Butuan City - our entry
Bunawan - where Lolong is!
Tandag - where we'll stay to celebrate the Fiesta
Davao City - our exit
light green path - bus route from Butuan to Tandag
dark green path - bus route from Tandag to Davao

I just realized how complicated it's going to be! I've always thought I can always rent a van from Tandag to Bunawan in between our trip. But looking at the map, it seems far and impractical - in tagalog, lagari! hehe! So, given that, I've decided to visit Lolong either on the first day - side trip first to Bunawan before going to Tandag , or on the last day - pass by Bunawan on our way to Davao, both via cutting trips/ public transpo. I haven't decided yet! (I will be with Lou the whole trip but since it's my territory, the planning is on me completely!) In any case I know it's going to be a GREAT MINDANAO ROADTRIP! hehe! yeah, that actually sounded half-sarcastic. hehehe :P

I am excited, obviously. But you know, it's more than that. I'm happy to have something outside wedding planning. It may not be obvious, but the wedding preps have been consuming me, and in fact turning me into a bridezilla (I think I am already one!), I seriously need this trip!

So... dear Lord, please please bless us with a beautiful weather this weekend! :)